St. Mary’s Digital Access Library

Nota Bene: All .pdf  document formats have been tested prior to posting this article and can be downloaded from our own Digital Archive or from other reputable sources we have linked with. To download please click on the title.


Books Written by Fr. Ugo-Maria ESB

The Consuetudines of Guigo I – Fifth Prior of the Carthusian Order

Downloadable books from other sources

The Life of Anthony by Athanasius

The Dialogues by Pope Gregory the Great

Conferences by John Cassian

De Vita Contemplativa by Julianus Pomerius

The Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation by The Venerable Bede

St Peter Damian Selected Writings On The Spiritual Life Ed. P. McNulty

St. Francis of Assisi according to Brother Thomas of Celano

Holiness of Life, being St. Bonaventure’s treatise De perfectione vitae ad sorores

The Mirrour of the Blessed Lyf of Jesu Christ, attributed to St. Bonaventura

The Life of Saint Francis by Bonaventure

The Ancrene Riwle – Rules and Duties of Monastic Life (Edited by Rev. James Morton)

The Form of Perfect Living Richard Rolle of Hampole

The Scale (or Ladder) of Perfection by Fr. Walter Hilton Can.Reg. 

Of The Imitation Of Christ by Thomas A Kempis

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