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Archbishop Justin Welby and the Bullingdon Fabulist

So should the Archbishop of Canterbury have spoken out against the forced removal of asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda, 4097 miles away on the other side of the world! Yes, he has a duty to do so. If fact bishops should be a far more vocal than they have been in the past, especially when unethical acts are being committed by those whom believe that they are in-charge.  Continue reading Archbishop Justin Welby and the Bullingdon Fabulist

The Battle of Civilisation

I personally do not believe that war can ever be justified for any reason. “Thou shalt not kill” is not a suggestion but a moral imperative included as one of the Ten Commandments in the Torah. War tends to make killers out of normally decent people. There is a lot of turbulence within our world caused by diverse political opinions, and threats of war and violence seem to be an ever-present shadow that lurks over every single nation in the world. We should never be under the illusion that war –no matter how much politicians believe it necessary or justified– is not a crime against all of humanity. As God said to Cain ‘Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the soil. Now may you be cursed far from the soil that drank the blood of your brother that you have shed.” (Genesis 4:10-11) All citizens and governments have a duty to work toward the avoidance of war… Continue reading The Battle of Civilisation

The Young Pope and The New Pope

The Neapolitan director screenwriter and author, Paolo Sorrentino (51) places God on the stage, affirms Him, denies Him, seeks Him, refuses Him, invokes Him, “curses” Him; yet God, always remains the protagonist within these episodes and with Him humanity and their questions about Him. These are the great challenge that confront humanity and therefore, as far as I am concerned, the director has already won. In Paolo Sorrentino we trust… Continue reading The Young Pope and The New Pope

Paths Towards Happiness, Wellbeing and Prosperity

In any community organised on the plans laid down by Jesus we should find the citizens in close personal touch one with the other, each attempting to render what constructive service he can in order to promote the public welfare. Blessed is the community that has a receptive spirit and is eager to avail itself of the practical experience wrought out in other communities. Continue reading Paths Towards Happiness, Wellbeing and Prosperity

Quo Vadis Petre?

Peter trembled and fumbled over his words, uncompleted words, and it was only when Christ put his hand upon Peter’s shoulder was he able to bring himself, at best, under control, but he was unable to take his eyes off the face of the Master in which Peter recognised the inconceivable sorrow and broken-heartedness he had witnessed at the last supper. Continue reading Quo Vadis Petre?

Christianity and Ecology can only be compatible when God is at their centre.

o ensure that Christianity and ecology are compatible, one cannot depart from the conception of creation as a work and gift of God. The most frequent error in which an ideological approach expires is found in the tendency to absolutise nature starting from the good intention of wanting safeguard. Continue reading Christianity and Ecology can only be compatible when God is at their centre.


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The grace of the Holy Spirit brings together those living in solitude to make a communion in love, in the image of the Church, one and extending to all ends of the earth.

A solitary communion.

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