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Archbishop Justin Welby and the Bullingdon Fabulist

So should the Archbishop of Canterbury have spoken out against the forced removal of asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda, 4097 miles away on the other side of the world! Yes, he has a duty to do so. If fact bishops should be a far more vocal than they have been in the past, especially when unethical acts are being committed by those whom believe that they are in-charge.  Continue reading Archbishop Justin Welby and the Bullingdon Fabulist

Eremitic Journeys

By 1256 the Holy See decided to unite other hermit groups living in northern and central Italy with the Tuscan Hermits into one new single religious Order. Among the reasons for the union were the similarity of name and rule of life and the fact that all except the Williamites and a few others were already following St. Augustine’s… Continue reading Eremitic Journeys

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